The pictures show a range of images from school life, from the Year 6 residential trip to the Jurassic coast in October 2012 and October 2013, the 2013 Fireworks event and activities in between.  Magical are they not?

James was born in Ealing in 1953, and was moved with his brother Hugh to Maidenhead, when their parents, David and Josephine Wilding established a boys’ boarding and day prep-school there. As founder pupils of Claires Court, the brothers Wilding have done quite a bit in their lives since then.  As Academic Principal,  James’ role is to inspire, encourage and develop the academic, creative and sporting talent in the school, to nourish our mission with clear and robust thinking for the future and to hold the faculty to account as and when appropriate. Outside of family and school, his main love is for the Independent Schools Association, an astonishing mix of schools of all kinds, networked across the country, within whose walls teachers and pupils strive like James to be their best selves.  You can contact James here at jtw@clairescourt.net

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