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When Headlines aren’t News!

There is no one way to improve schools, and since the time of Socrates and Plato, those who think about teaching and learning have known this. After every election when there is a change of party in power, the ‘new … Continue reading

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What on earth is going on…

Each week, I write to a private audience of over 400 teachers and fellow professionals in Independent Schools, in a newsletter to highlight topical issues in education. The network is known as the ISANet, and as my latest is almost … Continue reading

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Does one syllable make all that difference…

I have wondered whether the right wing stateside have considered Obama more of a threat to the American way of life than Osama. I can’t begin to imagine the pressure Mr President is under, forced to release the details of … Continue reading

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Writer’s block…

It has been a few weeks since my last proper blog, and after yet another stupidly busy week, your humble servant remains short of his ‘muse’. It is often this way, I find, one month has me almost frothing at … Continue reading

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