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Swifter, Higher, Stronger

Our final day of the Y11 History trip to Berlin in the February half-term 2011 saw us journeying 30km to the west to visit the Olympic stadium, designed by Werner March for the Summer games of 1936, in which Jesse … Continue reading

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All that is necessary for evil to triumph…

begins one of those great quotations any could use to inspire a trip to Berlin. These days, defined by the 21st century, the visitor to Germany’s capital can only marvel at the extraordinary vitality of one of Europe’s greatest cities.  The investment in major public buildings, the universal … Continue reading

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Three men in a …

…boat is a gentle story of companions paddling up the River Thames from London to Oxford in the twilight of the Victorian era. In the travels of our History department to Berlin, this story came to mind on a number … Continue reading

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A quick scamper up the Reichstag

Not that long ago, the casual visitor to the German Parliament building in Berlin would be able to join a 100 metre queue and wait their turn to be hurled to the cupola on the top of the Reichstag, the … Continue reading

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To Berlin for a change in perspective

In the very recent publication by the Russell group Universities on entrance requirements (read that here – it is so obvious that the majority of great A level subjects such as English and History are deemed ‘door-openers’ or ‘facilitators’. … Continue reading

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Asking questions of Parents

Since the inception of Parental questionnaires as part of the Independent Schools Inspectorate toolkit sometime at the turn of the century, the Principals have used an annual survey of parental attitudes to inform their planning for the future. You can … Continue reading

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A World gone digital

In one of my roles in education, I lead an initiative across 300 Independent schools promoting engagement with the range of Information and communication technologies. ICTs for short mean so much to so many, precision with regards to their definition … Continue reading

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