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Education is a big yawn…

For quite some time now (certainly back to my own experience at school 50 years ago), teachers have worried about the sleep children get overnight, between the 8 hours they spend in school. The strident headlines of the Daily Mail … Continue reading

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Policy Tourism – a crass mistake?

Well, I suppose it had to come to pass., that is the separation of the United Kingdom into its 4 component parts. I was born in London, have a grandmother born in Scotland, an Uncle who played for London Irish … Continue reading

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Monday Newsletter 13 May – the Examinations edition

As regular readers know, I publish a weekly blog on things digital.  This week, the headliners include a Blue-Man book, a Spaceman, a Shoot-em-up and some pretty nifty driving software making use of Google’s Street view images. I am indebted to ISANet … Continue reading

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Evidence based decision making – 1854-2013

The return of Sherlock Holmes in the modern idiom, as characterised by Benedict Cumberbatch, has brought this Victorian sleuth back into the limelight. I am certainly not the only viewer of ‘Sherlock’, the BBC series, to be moving my status … Continue reading

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If you want to learn stuff, it matters that you read real books.

In this month’s Scientific American, there is one of those lovely research articles that summarises what we know about reading things for the purposes of learning, understanding and retention. The article specifically contrasts the effectiveness on reading text on a slate/screen against … Continue reading

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