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“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.”

It is difficult to find scientists from the past who capture the imagination as much as Albert Einstein (his quote leads this post); his renowned intelligence, his originality and his creativity set him above and apart from his peers, truly … Continue reading

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Credit where credit is due…

Katherine Grainger was amazing at our Speech Day last week.  I don’t say this because as a 2012 Olympian, her story of a journey through 3 previous Olympics and umpteen world championships was incredible. It is, partly because in  becoming … Continue reading

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Good grief, it’s Gove-levels in 2015-17

Great OECD report on what they feel countries need to do.  Read that here –  What a shame Mr Gove doesn’t read the Guardian. Literally having just commenced a new series of GCSE syllabi following governmental disquiet about the … Continue reading

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“Once more into the breach, dear friends once more…”

It has been a Summer break full of affirmation for those who care about educational principles and practice (amongst so much more), thanks in the main (but not exclusively) to the Olympics and Paralympics.  The grand plans laid by umpteen … Continue reading

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