Non-Uniform day at Claires Court Friday 2022

Rarely have I seen a school react quite so immediately than with the onset of the Russian Military invasion of Ukraine, causing so much personal, physical and economic damage to a country and resulting in the largest migration of refugees in Europe since the 1940s.

As an immediate response to the staff, pupils and families’ concerns, we have agreed to hold a Non-Uniform day this Friday to recognise the plight of the Ukraine refugees; whatever the rights and wrongs of the situation, these are adults, children and families sundered from their normal lives for reasons beyond their control. Many of our pupils & staff will wish to wear Yellow and Blue, others their own choice of clothes.

The usual tariff of £2 is expected on the day, and we have put a slot on the parent payment portal to help those families who don’t have a piggy bank of coins to draw upon.

All monies raised will be passed to the Disasters Emergency Committee specific Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.  DEC represents 15 well known charities working in this area, and you can find out more info on those charities  here –

I do hope this immediate response has our parents and guardians’ support and longer term suggestions will emerge during the class/year group/section discussions on their forthcoming charity week work later this month. 

I do know that ignorance is no defence, but throughout our local schools, such days have been known by the colloquial word MUFTI, used in music hall and concert parties meaning non-uniform. However I see some concerns arising in New Zealand and Australia, with its use; I quote a spokesperson for the Human Rights Commission “The word ‘mufti’ was an Arabic word used to describe a Muslim scholar of high standing but in the course of colonisation, the term was appropriated. That appropriation has a history of degradation and racism.”2 Jun 2021. I do apologise for any inadvertent offence I and my school have caused in the past and we’ll cease its use straight away.

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