Announcing the arrival of Claires Court SchoolTV, and our Spring Wellbeing Baromoter 2023…

…plus some notes and thanks to start!

In terms of general participation and elite competition, Claires Court has returned in full, firing on all cylinders with (to name but a few) the Senior Music concert on Monday evening this week, our House cross country championships, and the huge success of the senior sailing squad in winning the National Schools Sailing Team racing championships a weekend ago.  The children and staff are clearly benefiting from the myriad opportunities we now have in a post covid world – alas too many to mention all in this note.

We welcomed back Mr Justin Spanswick earlier this week as our independent safeguarding advisor. Mr Spanswick brings back with him newly acquired knowledge of the wider educational world, one in which he is making a very strong mark which we are all proud of. He was able to spend some time on all sites, as well as visit our ‘burgeoning outpost’ of talent based at the National Sports Centre at Bisham. 

I have been invited to represent Claires Court as part of an interest group of digital experts from across the globe, at the House of Lords on Wednesday afternoon.  Here I will be highlighting our ongoing digital technology journey and our baby steps with Merlyn Mind into the use of Artificial Intelligence in the classroom. AI is clearly a game changer, and will permit even closer the fine tuning of teaching and learning to meet individual needs. However, one of the major lessons learned from the enforced lock-down of schools is that children need to work with others, to collaborate and to create the ‘intellectual biome’ that makes schools such vibrant places in which they can both learn and enjoy their childhood. 

We recognise your needs as parents when you ask for our advice, telling us of your frustrating searches through many online tools for pertinent videos or the experience of others.  We are delighted to announce the launch of Claires Court’s SchoolTV channel providing a substantial database of helpful information and advice for parents – For now we are just one of a dozen or so schools in the UK embracing this service, but it will rapidly grow. As it does, we will commence focussing the resources so you can quickly see where we as a school are currently putting emphasis. Please take the opportunity over the Easter break and give the site a good reconnoitre – as ever, I’d love to hear your feedback –

Our inaugural survey starts with ‘The Wellbeing Barometer’ Special Report – whilst there are plenty of other special reports published, we are starting with only 2, and on the same topic. Please choose either primary or secondary for the age and stage of your children.

The Wellbeing Barometer’ requires parent, guardian and caregiver participation to answer a series of multiple choice survey questions. The information gathered will enable our school to establish a baseline of student wellbeing and assist in focussing on some of the key issues concerning families in order to highlight where further assistance may be required. Responses to all poll questions remain anonymous and will only be reported on an aggregated basis.

Responses to all poll questions remain anonymous and will only be reported on an aggregated basis.

Beyond that, when Easter’s out and the Summer term is in, we’ll return to look at the outcomes of this special pair of reports.

In the meantime, if you can, please enjoy some R&R over the next 2 weeks and see you back at school on Wednesday 19 April 2023.

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