Classroom without walls…

Just a short blog for the mo’ to explain what has happened to the previous Principled View, ‘down a woodland track’.  Like previous pictures that illustrate my blog, the trees and paths were not part of CCS’ educational journey, just appropriate illustrations for my conversations.

This week (15 October onwards), Year 6 Boys and Girls are away at Osmington Bay, on a Field studies week away from school. They come back Thursday, get scrubbed up at home and return to work on Friday to prepare their presentations and conversations to present (formally and in groups) to their Parents at the close of Friday afternoon.  Giving great feedback, quickly and simply after a learning journey is a pretty firm guarantee that the lessons of the week will not just sink in but will become memories for a lifetime.

The picture above shows some of them on the Jurassic coast down there, at the close of a busy day, and I for one am proud that Children’s learning experiences can be so clearly sculpted outside and beyond the classroom.  The picture came via our ‘Hub’, indeed there are 20 Chromebooks down there struggling for connectivity in the wilds, but suffice it to say, the point of this week is highlighted by this picture. A coming-together, a reflection, big skies for even larger dreams and an outstanding photo opportunity caught and shared in the blink of an eye.

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