“Ones to watch” – as written by Marie Anne Leonard, Art on the Street founder and of Boville Wright’s fame

Marie Anne Leonard writes “On Thursday evening we visited the A Level Art Private View of our sponsors Claires Court Schools. It’s always a pleasure to join them for any event, as you’d be hard-pushed to meet more welcoming, friendly and hospitable people, but the A Level PV is always a highlight for us. 

The art and photography team at Claires Court truly allow their students to experiment, take risks and thoroughly immerse themselves in their studies. It is of continual amazement to us that the students challenge themselves by tackling very mature subject matter and approaches to them with a committed and hard-working approach beyond their years.

The photography on show was a joy. These students have a real eye for the commercial, poring over magazines for inspiration in fashion, styling and inspiration. A career in advertising photography is definitely on the cards for some of these talented students!

Once again, a triumph of a year – congratulations to all the students and the teaching team”

You can read more from Marie Anne at her blog – http://www.maidenheadartmarket.org

I was unable to attend the exhibition on the Private viewing evening, so Head of Art Jan Price linked me to the entire album set. Separately, here are the clips from the photography section.  All in all, I feel this year’s exhibition is as strong as ever. With so many of our past pupils now out there in the commercial world – Rupert Houseman for example winning this year’s BAFTA for 7/7, a day in London and Toby Hefferman,First assistant director World War Z – it’s nice to report the Claires Court Production line of ‘Creatives’ is running full steam.

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