Sovereignty v the Economy

Thursday 23 June was polling day in the EU referendum. As I write this post at 5am on Friday morning, 24 June, the votes are not all in but the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, by an expected margin of 52% Leave against 48% remain.

Secondary pupils were able to post their poll via the school ‘Hub’.  The turn out was small, circa 25%, but their vote was overwhelmingly in favour of ‘Remain’.  Here’s the pie chart of the outcome:


The young boys and girls of course were not Childternable to vote in the ‘real’ referendum, unless they were 18 years of age. As it happens, in terms of the geographical areas of the country in which our pupils live,  their vote followed in the main how our local constituencies voted. The majority vote went to remain in RBWM, Wycombe, South Oxfordshire, Chiltern and Wokingham. South Bucks, Slough and Bracknell Forest voted to leave, giving us a pictorial spread of our school’s catchment area looking as opposite.

The detail spread of voting went as follows:

RBWM etc

It’s a short post this; early in the morning and a sense of ‘awe’ has struck me.  In this Royal Borough, we have clearly voted as Clinton’s aide and campaign campaign strategist James Carville coined “It’s all about the Economy stupid”.

Well clearly it is not, as far as the country is concerned. 48% consider that, but the turn vote of an extra 4% think it differently. JM Barrie had his Peter Pan say “To die would be an awfully big adventure”. I do sincerely hope that those that lead our country from this day forth have amazing navigation skills, as they pilot our country into such uncharted waters, because to say that we are to face uncertain times is very much an understatement. We are a Sovereign nation, and as things turn out, that’s the route we have chosen, to be distinct from our neighbours and separate in our future. So be it.

Anyway – as life goes on:

Claires Court Old Boys Cricket match is taking place tonight Friday 24 June from 5.45pm at our Taplow playing fields.

Saturday 25 June – Claires Court PTA Summer Fete at Claires Court Junior Boys from 12 noon to 4pm.

Hopefully see you there, and of course happy to talk to anyone about our own exciting journey, announced in this week’s Maidenhead Advertiser. That is a big story too!







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