Claires Court win the Fawley Cup at Henley Royal Regatta

CCBC2016hrrMedalsThe Henley Standard published this report of the race shortly after it was raced at 3.50pm on Sunday 3 July 2016.

FAWLEY 3.50 Claires Court Sch. vs The Windsor Boys’ Sch. – A local Maidenhead / Windosr derby between two school boy quads. A tough 7 minutes for these boys. Quality sculling from both crews as they come along the Island.

At the Barrier the crews are neck and neck with the boats surging in unison. A very mature performance from both crews, stroke for stroke.

Previously won by Sir William Borlase school, Claires Court are aiming to make this the thrid major winin a row. Claires Court have a slight advantage by about 2fft on the Berkshire station, at Fawley but then Windsor boys push through at Upper Thames. The lead swaps as they trade the lead within 10 strokes.

At the Remenham Club the crowds are yelling and Claires Court gain an advantage again.

CCBC2016hrrHitting the wall of sound at Enclosures both crews increase the rate. Claires Court push through to a length lead. Can Windsor boys respond? Claires Court seize the initiaitive at the Grandstand and push through to the line. Both crews lift again in the last 30 strokes of the race and Claires Court hold on to the length distance they gained. Gladitorial racing at its best.

Claires Court Sch. beat The Windsor Boys’ Sch.

The Claires Court Quad comprised:

Finlay Gronmark at Stroke, Jonathan Cameron at 2, Alex Richardson at 3, and Oliver Costley at bow. Coaches Tom Jost and Chris Clarke.

This Claires Court Quad has also won the School’s Head at Putney and the National School’s Cup at Dorney, winning the coveted ‘Triple’ crown.

Following the event, in  the subsequent GB trials, Findlay and Oliver won selection to the final GB junior squad – Jonathan and Alex are already at that level.

I can only express the entire school community’s admiration for the work of these boys and their coaches. In 2012, under the new Rowing Development plan, we targeted one of these titles to be achieved within 4 years. To win all 3 is extraordinary!

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