A very real British ‘Brexit’ is on the cards…

Live from the Claires Court Sixth Form centre 12 noon Wed 12 December 2018

With the excitement gripping the nation this last Wednesday, and our very own local MP (aka Prime Minister Theresa May) very career at stake, the ITV news team came out from London to interview some Maidenhead Sixth Formers on their view on her chances of survival during the ‘Brexit’ vote of confidence she was facing that evening from her own Conservative party MPs. 

The students had about 20 minutes notice, and genuinely scrambled to get the chance. When spoken to afterwards, they were quite shocked that their views had been sampled – in between taking the ‘Vox Pops@ at 12 noon and appearing on the 6 o’clock news in the evening, some feel that their balanced views had been ‘clipped’ to suggest greater divergence of opinion than actually.

Ria Chatterjee, the journalist who interviewed them said:

“Great to see young people politically engaged with such strong opinions and obviously well read and knowledgeable on the issue. It’s hopeful for the future to know that young people are prepared to engage this way”.

As matters turned out, the Conservative Parliamentary party voted for Theresa May in the vote of no confidence, 200 to 117. That has ‘buttered no parsnips’ in the days that have followed, with the EU leaders saying ‘Non’ and the ragged elements from all sections of parliament remaining dominant over those MPs that continue to support the limited Brexit proposals suggested

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2 Responses to A very real British ‘Brexit’ is on the cards…

  1. Esme Bates says:

    Ask for a interview with you to set the record straight. I did not see the footage but going forward any media features to be viewed by you and H first maybe under duty of care? Whilst they are over 16 they are still very young and under your wing There are some BLEEPS who work in the media and sadly do not embody ethics you and your family embody. Many have their own agenda and throw values out the window.Personally I want TM for in as long as possible as her mother has MS, like me, and I hope she will push a cure through and by default will have a great understanding of service users in the NHS. On the other hand concerns about wars are real. Although many argue Germany are running Europe anyway! I am really cross the editors/producers sullied what should have been an amazing experience. Agreed, it is not a black or white situation and flags up more questions than answers about how society is run and should be run. Brexit or No-Brexit we all want a peaceful, happy, healthy, commercially astute society and positive relations with the rest of the world.

  2. Esme Bates says:

    Spent 10 mins rustling up a poem of support
    Now entertain sweltering summer time
    When creeping ivy and the pouring bindweed
    Fills the wide vessel of the village.
    From garden to garden through the foul weeds of day
    The hum of either family stilly sounds,
    That the residents almost receive
    The secret whispers of each other’s watch:
    Bonfire answers bonfire, chilldren playing and old women’s moans,
    Each battle hears the other’s umber’d voice;
    Terrier threatens pitball, in yapping and growling barks
    Piercing the day’s summer ear, and from the sheds
    The housewives, accomplishing their husbands,
    With busy hammers building fences,
    Give dreadful note of boundary preparation:
    The country cocks do crow, the clocks do toll,
    And the third hour of drowsy afternoon named.
    Proud of their fences,sheds, drives and secure in soul,
    The confident and over-lusty homewoner
    Do the low-rated neighbour who rents;
    And chide the cripple tardy-gaited day
    Who, like a foul and ugly witch, doth limp
    So tediously away. The poor condemned renting Neighbour,
    Like sacrifices, by their watchful bonfires,
    Sit patiently and inly brood and ruminate Brexit,
    The overlooking sheds, windows, and their gesture sad
    Investing lank-lean; cheeks and wonder when it is their turn,
    Presenteth them unto the gazing sun,
    Brexit and so many horrid ghosts. O now, who will behold
    The Berkshire captain of this ruin’d renter,
    Walking from watch to watch, from country to country,
    Let her cry ‘Praise and glory on his head!’
    For forth she goes and visits all her host.
    Bids them good morrow with a modest smile
    And calls on radio, television and internet
    Upon her wholesome face there is no note
    How hope breakers and vampires hath enrounded her;
    Nor doth she dedicate one jot of colour
    Unto the weary and all-watched critics,
    But freshly looks and cuts out white noise
    With cheerful semblance and sweet majesty;
    That every wretch, pining and pale before,
    Beholding her, plucks comfort from her looks:
    A largess universal like the sun
    Her liberal eye doth give to everyone,
    Thawing cold fear, that mean and gentle all,
    Behold, as may unworthiness define,
    A little touch of leadership in the day.
    And so our scene must to Brexit fly;
    Where–O for pity!–we shall much disgrace
    With four or five most vile conferences,
    Right ill-disposed in talks ridiculous,
    The name of Brexit. Yet sit and see,
    Minding true things by what their mockeries be.

    Needs developing but the notion of Brexit, affordable housing, excellent leadership is all there.

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