Into Africa – the Claires Court journey begins

Claires Court’s Global Charity for 2019

Claires Court is supporting Charity Pearl The Gambia as its global charity this year, helping to make substantial improvements to day-to-day life in the Brufut area of The Gambia.

As a result of our initial donation, the community started building a well this month to enable neighbouring villagers who haven’t had access to water so far to have water available 24 hours a day! We are pleased to announce tickets are now available to purchase for our Gambia fundraising evening, taking place on Friday 25 January from 7pm at College Avenue. Lots of curries and African drumming promised! Find out more:

The PTA and School’s decision to support Pearl in The Gambia arises from the inspiration our pupils took from last year’s global choice of Charity, that being the UWC school promoted by ISA in Pong Tek, Cambodia. Sadly, the school’s distance from the UK, number of time lines to cross and huge interest from the other 500+ ISA schools meant that our students’ ambitions to get hands-on could not be supported.

The Gambia provides us with much more scope, not least the enthusiasm that exists in The Gambia to encourage young adults with skills to travel over to promote adult education and skills acquisition amongst their youthful population. The plans for our student-led trip to the Gambia in October half-term 2019 are progressing nicely, of which more details can be obtained from the Sixth Form office via

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