Defending our title…into Finals day@henleyroyalregatta

After a fabulous quarter final win on Friday against Globe Rowing Club, Tom Jost had this to say:

“Hi All, As i’m sure a lot of you already will know, the boys raced fantastically well yesterday to come away with a v classy win over Globe RC. Today we have a local derby on our hands when the boys take on Maidenhead RC in the semi final, at 3:10pm.

The more support we have over in Henley the better so please try to get over to give them a cheer. Failing that then you will be able to watch the race on BT Sport or on YouTube as per usual.

The lads are in good spirits and it’s prepped to be a Henley classic! Ta.”

Well, as things turned out, it was a real classic, with the Artistry of Claires Court’s sculling against the scientific, athleticism of Maidenhead. And guess what, Art beat Science by a length and 3/4, and the Claires Court quad moves on into the Sunday finals, to be a repeat of last year, against another local rival, Windsor Boys.

The Fawley Challenge Cup Henley Royal Regatta

So, we’ll know the timings of the finals shortly, and I’ll post that here, together with Coach Tom Jost’s instructions for the final day.

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