@HenleyRoyalRegatta – Losing the Fawley Challenge Cup, but winning so much respect.

On Finals day, shortly after 11.48 am, the Windsor Boys School defeated Claires Court by 1/2 length. Here’s the announcement of the result:

The Fawley Challenge Cup Henley Royal RegattaFinal

If you can see the small cross on the finish time, this tells you that the winners broke the course record, by 4 seconds, and so this means the Claires Court crew in coming second also broke the course record, by 3 seconds.

If you have not already watched the race on the YouTube channel, please do. It’s one of the most heroic bits of rowing by both quads you’ll ever see.  Windsor just beat Leander by 2 feet on Saturday afternoon, and Claires Court’s defeat of Maidenhead was not much easier. It is remarkable to have developed 4 quads this good, all on a tiny stretch on the River Thames between Henley and Windsor, and continues the epic traditions of these schools and clubs, to whom we ought to add the names of Marlow and Sir William Borlase too.

To the 4 rowers in the Claires Court boat, Bow Oliver Costley, Jack Jesseman, Calum Perera and Henry Osborne, all at Claires Court take our hats off to you.  We know you have worked at this event right through from the Autumn, and to have defended the title so magnificently, to have broken the course record even when bested by Windsor Boys is an incredible achievement. As your headmaster, John Rayer texted me on the day “…could not have asked for more!”


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